FPD Handling Solutions

Based on their own handling technology, Sankyo is able to offer complete Handling Solutions with Cassette Stations.


  • Features:

  • Applicable for required number of cassettes
  • Cassette stations wth BCRs, Ionizer, Mapping Sensors, etc.
  • MGV / AGV / Stocker Interfaces
  • Substrate Self Alignment System
  • Handling Environment with Safety Fence
  • Host (CIM) Interface

  • Applications:

  • Loader / Un-loader for Process Machines
  • Buffer
  • Stocker
  • Sorter



LCD Handling

Sankyo is a pioneer in the development of LCD handling robots and is regarded as an expert in this field with its exceptional atmospheric and vacuum clean room robot technology.

Today, Sankyo is a world leader in LCD handling, especially large size substrate handling, and the product lineup covers different kind of robots for atmospheric and vacuum environments as well as complete handling solutions with cassette stations, Host Interfaces, etc.