Robot Controller Software

Macro Host Control - ASCII Command Interface
Robot motion control diagram
For all Sankyo Front End Modules such as robots, pre-alinger, etc. one commonly used interface software is available. Key features are:

  • No programming of Robot Controller is required
  • Easy integration of different kind of hardware
  • Customized by using predefined macros
  • Event based: Events are selected and sent to Host
  • Detailed Information of Robot and Environment state
  • Asynchronous Protocol: Full access to interface at any time
  • Hardware can be configured easily (Mapping sensors, gate sensors)
  • Wafer tracking on all stations and positions
  • Number of modules, loadlocks and prealigners can be configured
  • Motion parameters can be set globally and station dependent
  • Integrated error and exception handling
  • Command buffer for more than 250 commands avoids delay times due to communication

  • Commands for:
  • Movement Macros
  • Double Get and Put with any starting position
  • End Effectors operation
  • Wafer Mapping
  • Motion parameters allowing adaptation of hardware to production needs
  • Digital hardware I/Os can be controlled by host

  • Display of important system state information on user interface

Optional Handheld Pendant

Easy to use optional pendant User-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface


  • Provides operator interface for starting and stopping the robot application
  • Real-time integrated teaching functions makes teaching easy and quick
  • Remote and Teach Mode selectable
  • Large graphical display
  • "Hot-Pluggable" allowing the pendant to be attached or removed while the robot system is running. One pendant may be used with multiple robot systems
  • Meets international safety requirements with 3-position enable switch, key lock mode switch and CE/UL certification


Optional Software Pendant

User-friendly and intuitive GUI


  • Teaching, monitoring and basic maintenance functionality
  • "Look and Feel" similar to hand held pendant

Optional Software Pendant

Robot Controller Hardware

SC5000 Robot Controller

One controller, a variety of Sankyo Semiconductor Robots!

  • Supports Safety Standards such as CE, UL, SEMI-S2, F47 and EMC (EMI / EMS)
  • Macro Host Control — ASCII Command Interpreter:
  • No programming of robot controller required
  • Remote Function Calls from Host: Standard macros for Semiconductor applications are available and dedicated application macros can be added
  • SC5000 controller can be programmed if required:
  • High Level Language (SSL/E) very similar to PASCAL or BASIC completed with Robot / "PLC" commands
  • 32 Bit Multi-Tasking: 13 Tasks allow the parallel control of Robots and Peripheral Devices (PLC functions)
  • Windows based Development and Service Environment
  • Modular Concept: SC5000 controller can be configured for a variety of applications due to optional:
  • AnyBus TM Module: Communication Expansion
  • Interfaces: DI/DO Expansion and Stepping Motor Support
  • Teach Pendant
  • SC5000 controller is Compact and Light Weight!

Robot Controller SC5000



Sankyo Robot Controller

Due to the modular design and the availability of several options, the Sankyo Robot Controller can easily be configured to perfectly meet your application requirements.