300mm Load Port Solutions

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Available Load Ports:

SELOP-7 applicable to all fabs worldwide
SELOP-8 – Contribution to further miniaturization

Common Model Robot

SELOP-8 Features

  • Extremely Smooth Motion due to Hybrid (Electric/Pneumatic) FOUP door Open/Close Mechanism
    • Reduced vibrations
    • Great improvement of particle performance
    • Compliance to high sealed FOUPs
    • Speed/Throughput improvement
  • N2 Bottom Purge Field Upgrade Option
    • N2 purging on carrier base: Applicable for ENTEGRIS A-300 and SPECTRA FOUPs
    • Superior stable N2 Purge by original movable nozzles (Patent pending)
    • Compliance to high sealed FOUPs
      • Control of nozzle up/down timing to avoid interference with Kinematic Pins during FOUP placement and to keep compatible with non N2 purge FOUPs
      • Nozzle up/down position detection function (sensors)
      • Nozzle pressure adjustment function
      • Exchangeable nozzles heads to fit individual port design
    • Purge clean N2 gas
      • Filters installed just before the nozzles prevents particles from entering the FOUP
      • Adhesion FOUP grommet
    • N2 gas flow control by MFC and monitoring by flow meters
  • Compliant with SEMI, CE and FAB requirements (S2, S8, S28, E1.9, E15.1, E47.1, E57, E62, E63, E64, E84(optional), E110)