Flat Panel Display

Atmospheric Robotics

  • Wide variety of versions
  • High Speed - Maximum Throughput:
    • Fast substrate alignment method
  • Excellent straight-line accuracy
  • AC Servo motors with aboslute encoders

Variety of Sizes

  • Small Substrate Handlers — SR814X Series:
    • Suitable for substrate sizes from 360 x 460 mm² up to 1100 x 1300 mm²
  • Medium Substrate Handlers — SR814X Series:
    • SR818X Series: Suitable for substrate sizes from 730 x 920 mm² up to 1000 x 1300 mm²
    • SR8145: up to 1500 x 1850 mm²
  • Large Substrate Handlers — SR814X Series:
    • Suitable for 6th to 10th generation substrate sizes

FPD Robots

Common Model Robot

Sankyo is a pioneer in the development of LCD handling robots and is regarded as an expert in this field with its exceptional atmospheric and vacuum clean room robot technology. As a world leader in LCD handling, especially large size substrate handling, the product lineup covers different kind of robots for atmospheric and vacuum environments as well as complete handling solutions with cassette stations, Host Interfaces, etc.

Vacuum Robots

  • Sankyo's product lineup covers many different configurations of vacuum handling robots as well as complete vacuum transfer chambers for cluster applications. On request, customized versions are available.
  • Common Features of Sankyo's vacuum handling systems:
    • Large Reach and at the same time compact Design
    • AC Servo Motors with Absolute Encoders
    • High resolution absolute encoders - eliminates need for homing!
    • Excellent Straight Line Accuracy
    • Uses SC5xxx Series Controller