Custom & SCARA Robotics

Sankyo is proud to be a leading OEM supplier of Custom Made Robot Systems:

  • Unique designs manufactured for unique needs
  • Designed and built according to Customer specification

Custom Robotics

Common Model Robot

With extensive experience in robot design and robotics applications, we are able to offer customization services which covers scaling and modification of existing Sankyo kinematics as well as designing and manufacturing completely new robots from the ground up.

Sankyo is a World pioneer in commercialization of SCARA type robots.

Cleanroom (Class 10)

  • SR8447C
  • SR8448C


  • SR8447
  • SR8408
  • IBM 7575 and IBM 7576
The characteristic design of a SCARA ("Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm") offers compliance in the horizontal plane and high rigidity in vertical direction which is perfectly suited for "Pick and Place Applications". Although the production of the above shown robot systems are currently discontinued, we are still able to provide certain spare parts and services.