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SR8241 4-Wide FOUP Access

Common Model Robot

Unique 3-Link Robot Design enables access to 4 FOUPs without using linear track axis

  • Small Installation Space - Wide Working Area
  • High Speed - Maximum Throughput:
    • Single Arm / Double Hand Type for Cycle Time Reduction
  • Universal Hand Adapter - Easy Exchange / Use of:
    • 200 / 300mm Edge-Grip End Effectors
    • 200 / 300mm Vacuum End Effectors
    • any End Effector combination
  • Optional Flip-Axis (Supinator) on upper hand can reach any position between -10 and 280 degrees

Offers a small installation space with a large working envelope. A unique design with the ability to serve up to 4 FOUPs without using a linear track axis. Optional flip axis on upper hand which allows rotation between -10 and 280 degrees. Multiple end effector configurations.