Tool Automation & Vacuum Robots

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Available Robot Models:

SR86xx Single Arm Vacuum Robotics

Common Model Robot
Common Model Robot

Common Features of Sankyo's vacuum handling systems:

  • Large reach and compact design
  • AC Servo Motors with Absolute Encoders
  • Absolute encoders - no homing
  • Excellent Straight Line Accuracy
  • End-Effectors for Wafers and Reticles

Variety of kinematic types:

  • Cylindrical Types with several Arm Lengths
  • XY Arm Version for max. Handling Flexibility
  • Dual Arm Version and Double Plate End-Effector ensure maximum throughput

Sankyo's product lineup covers different kind of vacuum handling robots as well as complete vacuum transfer chambers for cluster applications. On request, customized versions are available. All vacuum robots are controlled by the same type of robot controller (SC5000) and integrated to an universal Host Interface.